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Backhaul Transmission

our-expertise_backhaulPublic safety communications depend on a highly reliable backhaul transmission network to securely transmit vital information for agency collaboration and situational awareness and response. Mission critical voice and data communications are at risk if the backhaul network suffers any type of malfunction.

Televate engineers design backhaul network topologies that are survivable, secure, and economical to ensure that the backbone of public safety communications remains reliable and effective during day-to-day and mission critical events. Our intricate knowledge of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and broadband wireless data systems and functionality, as well as their use by first responders within these networks, ensures that we understand the crucial underpinnings required to implement and operate a system serving as the backbone of Public Safety operations.

Televate backhaul transmission expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Traffic Analysis including:
    • Traffic Aggregation
    • Traffic Projections
  • Network Equipment Upgrade Analysis
  • Capital and Operational Cost Projections
  • Fiber vs. Microwave Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • Partnering opportunities for sharing capacity or expanding coverage
  • Grant Applications including:
    • Rural Broadband
    • Public Safety Broadband
  • Vulnerability & Reliability Analysis
  • Path Profile Analysis
  • Frequency Licensing
  • Procurement and Vendor Evaluation
  • Acceptance Testing and Network Performance Optimization