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Land Mobile Radio

Firefighter using radioAs technology continues to evolve, next generation land mobile radio (LMR) systems are adopting more sophisticated capabilities as part of their core offerings, affording greater value and user-centric environments to its constituents. Furthermore, the advent of Project 25 (P25) standardization is transforming digital radio communication to support robust equipment interoperability, bridging the gap between incompatible systems.

Televate’s team of radio engineers and program managers have assisted many Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Industries fast-track antiquated, disparate communications equipment and systems into advanced, reliable, and interoperable solutions. Our proven experience working with analog and digital, conventional and trunked, simulcast and multicast, rural and urban systems allows us to readily assess and enhance Smarnet, Smartzone, EDACS, and P25 networks. Our engineers also evaluate peripheral systems such as dispatch centers, Fire Station Alerting systems, Logging recorders and others to ensure the optimal technologies and processes are employed for greatest operational efficiency.

  • Technology assessment
  • Network design and implementation
  • Performance optimization
  • RF interference analysis and resolution
  • RFP development and evaluation
  • Vendor procurement
  • Program management
  • Radio installation management
  • Radio template development
  • Code-plug development
  • Radio programming
  • Fleetmap and talk group development and integration

P25 Systems

For many organizations, vendor support issues are pushing components of their current platform to the end of their life-cycle and now they must determine not only the budget capital that can be allocated to a potential system overhaul, but how to best overcome technological challenges to achieve their goals and objectives, particularly within a P25 system. A P25 network will become an important future capability to enable public safety and critical infrastructures to realize significant operational enhancements and cost savings.

Migrating to a P25 platform will require a thorough assessment of the existing capabilities and coverage in order to develop the optimal upgrade path that meets both current and future interoperable communications objectives and mandates as well as the desired features outside the P25 standard (e.g., Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP).

However, the transition to a fully interoperable P25 platform presents a series of challenges that should be considered:

  • During the transition from the current radio network to P25, the level of services and the level of interoperability cannot be degraded. It may be necessary to maintain the coexistence of both “old” and P25 technologies over a period of time to maintain interoperable communications between these networks and with neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Within the P25 standard there are technology options (Inter-Sub-System Interface (ISSI) for instance) that are relevant only if partnering jurisdictions make similar choices and therefore those considerations need to be coordinated among regional partners.
  • Changes in regulation might impact the technology implementation roadmap: for example, the FCC currently mandates the implementation of the more spectrally efficient P25 Phase 2 (6.25 kHz channel bandwidth) on 700 MHz channels by January 1, 2017 and might extend this requirement in the future to 800 MHz channels.
  • Accomplishing timely transitions to avoid increased expenses to maintain an obsolete technology and mitigate the risk of degraded level of services.
  • Maximizing the reuse of current assets (radio sites, shelters, backhaul, consoles, monitoring systems) and minimizing the investment into equipment that might soon be outdated (subscriber radios).

Televate can help you prepare for your P25 network migration with the following services:

  • Current system evaluation
  • Data collection
  • Analysis and requirements development
  • Solution design
  • Cost modeling
  • Evaluation and recommendations
  • Develop governance model

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