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­­­­Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Televate has unparalleled experience in the design, construction and operation of public safety-grade broadband networks and has designed multiple 700 MHz Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems specifically to meet the needs of public safety.

Delivering high-speed networking capabilities—including streaming video, rapid text messaging, voice paging, over-the-air programming and desktop applications—to first responders in excess of 30 megabits per second, LTE offers a flat, all Internet Protocol (IP) architecture resulting in cost-effective networks while maintaining tremendous deployment flexibility.   Plus, dedicated 700 MHz public safety spectrum will allow LTE to deliver on these capabilities built to public safety reliability with priority and preemption service for critical information.

The Public Safety Benefits of LTE

With higher data throughout speeds, lower latency and enhanced quality of service, LTE will revolutionize public safety operations, offering the same technological capabilities and benefits of 4G commercial networks.

Benefits of LTE systems include:

  • Lower cost networks
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Improved spectral efficiency, performance and functionality
  • Enhanced Multicast Broadcast Service (eMBMS)
  • Broadband data sharing capabilities, such as real-time streaming video and whiteboarding
  • Nationwide roaming capabilities over both government and commercial networks

Interested in learning more about LTE? Contact Televate today to discuss how we can help meet your public safety 700 MHz broadband technology needs.