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City & County of Denver Mobile Data Needs Assessment and Design for 700 MHz LTE Network


The City and County of Denver and the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) in coordination with the Regional UASI/ North Central Region Communications Committee (NCRCC) initiated a study to develop two Long Term Evolution (LTE) data network designs intended to advance the Region’s major goals to establish shared systems, enhance public safety communications capabilities and operational performance, and meet Next Generation requirements. The focus of this effort was to develop a design for a 700 MHz data infrastructure network for integration into the Adams County (Adcom911) LTE network now being deployed under a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) within Adams County. Key infrastructure components of the Adcom911 LTE network will be leveraged by the North Central Region (NCR) to deploy the future “NCR Network”. Ultimately, a single broadband wireless network will be deployed over the entire NCR and will be integrated into the eventual statewide public safety broadband network.

The project scope was also expanded to include a review of the impact that the recently passed Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 legislation would have on the implementation of the network.


To support the NCRCC’s program objectives, Televate conducted a series of comprehensive analyses focused on five main components:

  • A requirements and needs analysis and inventory assessment

  • A detailed LTE RAN Design for the Denver/Lakewood Pilot and Conceptual LTE design for the remaining NCR Counties

  • Capital and operational cost estimations for the sustainability of the network

  • The creation of a regional governance framework

  • Creation of technical requirements for a statement of work that can be leveraged to procure the LTE broadband network


Through close collaboration and careful analysis and design, Televate delivered a detailed LTE RAN design for the Denver/Lakewood pilot area, which included a fiber optic and microwave network backhaul design for interconnection with the Adcom911 network. Televate’s NCR conceptual design provides a framework by which the network can be expanded across the region in order to meet the individual needs of the counties and local governments. The capital and operational budgets provided the LTE Network rollout cost on a county-by-county basis and the estimated cost for the operations and sustainability of the network. Over the course of several regional stakeholder workshops and meetings, Televate also supported the NCRCC’s objective to construct a governance framework and Bylaws by which the region can deploy and operate a common, unified and interoperable broadband wireless network.


  • Project Planning, Management and Administration

  • Requirements review and analysis

  • Infrastructure asset inventory and analysis

  • Capital and Operational Cost analysis and projection

  • System design

  • Establish governance framework