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Narrowbanding Migration Plans

our-expertise_narrowbandingBased on our extensive land mobile radio expertise and direct narrowbanding program experience, Televate understands the technical and administrative implications of the FCC’s narrowbanding mandate on public safety and critical infrastructure industry (CII) communications. Our narrowbanding experts can work with you to lift the burden of narrowbanding compliance requirements for your organization.

Narrowbanding Services

In order to ensure uninterrupted communications, owners and operators of VHF/UHF LMR systems must start planning for narrowbanding migration now and complete the migration by the FCC deadline of January 1, 2013. Alternatively, a waiver to extend the compliance deadline may be possible but will require FCC approval and must be justified.

Televate’s narrowbanding experts can assist your organization by:

  • Identifying radio network architecture and radios affected by narrowbanding.
  • Recommending necessary steps to meet narrowbanding requirements.
  • Assessing current coverage, determine how narrowbanding will impact coverage, and engineer a cost effective implementation solution.
  • Determining future requirements as a result of narrowbanding.
  • Creating a detailed plan for your narrowbanding migration. 
  • Analyzing narrowband program cost and funding.
  • Providing guidance for FCC narrowbanding and licensing.
  • Assisting in narrowbanding procurement strategy and proposals.
  • Managing your organization’s narrowbanding program and project.
  • Developing radio codeplugs and templates as well as support radio programming

Transitioning to Narrowband

Transitioning to narrowband channels can present challenging issues for mission critical communications, including:

  • Maintaining uninterrupted mission critical communications
  • Preserving interoperability with regional partners
  • Determining impacts on current and future radio interoperability

Televate’s engineers can help mitigate transition-related issues, and ensure a smooth conversion to narrowbanding.

Contact Televate today to start planning your organization’s narrowband transition.
For more information, download our narrowbanding assessment brochure.