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Fixed & Mobile Video Design Services

our-expertise_video-systemsMany public and private organizations increasingly rely on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and advanced video technology as a means of deterring crime and protecting the safety of their communities and property. Live video feeds and real-time alerts and alarms enhance response time for mission-critical events around the clock, making state-of-the-art CCTV technologies a critical component of public safety.

Televate values the importance of cutting-edge situational awareness technologies. Committed to meeting both timelines and budgets, Televate delivers interoperable, cost-effective, vendor-neutral video systems and solutions that leverage new technologies, such as IP - camera technology, video multicasting and video analytics. We design interoperable video programs that consolidate individual agency alert, alarm and video monitoring into operationally efficient and cost effective consolidated facilities based on standardized policy, technology and governance.

Our engineers stay abreast of encoding standards, video system management technologies, and advances in closed circuit video camera technology from megapixel resolution to infrared spectrum cameras. Televate also can determine the effectiveness of current video analytics software packages to effectively support small, medium, or large scale CCTV deployments.

Televate designs cost effective and highly reliable transport and backhaul for remote CCTV camera operations based on broadband wireless (microwave, WiFi, 4.9 GHz) and fiber optic technologies.

Mobile video systems supporting police and fire agency applications are rapidly evolving and will be enhanced to stream real time video over the future public safety 700 MHz broadband wireless network. Televate has supported clients in selecting and integrating mobile video solutions for first responder applications and has designed and managed the installation of public transportation mobile video systems incorporating multiple cameras, digital video recording (DVR), and automatic video downloading over a WiFi network. These systems included bus to police access capabilities to facilitate real time video viewing

Televate provides comprehensive fixed and mobile video design services to fulfill a variety of public safety and critical infrastructure needs:

  • Customized mobile and fixed video management solution design
  • Wired and wireless video backhaul for city and county-wide distribution systems
  • Intra-governmental data exchange enabling multi-agency interoperability
  • Disparate video convergence and integration
  • Interoperability and transcoding
  • Analytics evaluation and integration
  • Security analysis and planning
  • Governance planning for inter-jurisdiction and inter-agency exchanges
  • Video storage and remote recording solutions
  • System upgrades, migration planning, and infrastructure build-out
  • Comprehensive procurement services and support
  • Acceptance testing and system evaluations

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