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Field Measurement and RF Optimization Services

Spectrum AnalyzerPublic safety radio communications networks must provide and maintain the highest level of service quality and reliability to their users. Network operator responsibilities are to ensure and optimize radio system performance. challenging Radio Frequency (RF) interference environments are very complex and network infrastructure components are prone to failure over time. Network evaluations are essential to ensure the ongoing operational integrity of the radio network and guarantee performance reliability and quality to support demanding mission critical communications.

Through RF measurement and performance optimization services, public safety agencies can assess and benchmark their existing radio network performance, identify operational faults and mediate any existing and potential problems on the network.

Televate technologists employ sophisticated field measurement equipment and proven processes and techniques to conduct comprehensive radio network performance measurement, allowing us to assess and identify issues and design solutions to resolve RF problems and enhance performance.

Televate’s RF Measurement services include:

  • Field Measurement Collection and Analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Reports & Recommendations

Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Televate offers a wide range of field collection and network optimization services to ensure your communications system will continue to work effectively and efficiently, every day. We provide:

  • Radio network performance measurement and evaluations
  • Public safety wireless communications system preventative maintenance
  • Interference & inter-modulation analysis
  • Site coverage validation
  • Propagation loss characterization for propagation prediction modeling
  • Coverage assessments for public safety wireless voice and data networks
  • Throughput assessment for wireless broadband data networks
  • Wireless voice and data network optimization & troubleshooting
  • Underground wireless communications system inter-modulation troubleshooting

Field Measurement Collection and Analysis

Televate offers a wide range of field measurement and analysis solutions that minimize operation disruption while preventing failure in the following systems:

  • Land mobile radio systems
  • Wireless broadband cellular technologies (LTE, CDMA, HSPA)
  • WiFi
  • IP networks
  • Point-to-point links (microwave)
  • Point-to-multipoint technologies

Comprehensive Reports & Recommendations

Televate’s field measurement services deliver comprehensive easy-to-read reports summarizing test results, plotting radio signal strength and include corrective action recommendations that take into account both implementation costs and impact on quality of service and operations.

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