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District of Columbia Wireless Accelerated Responder Network

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In late 2004, on the heels of delivering a highly successful interoperable radio network for the District of Columbia, Televate was contracted to manage a new project, conceived by the District and Televate, entitled the Wireless Accelerated Responder Network (WARN). WARN is a 700 MHz broadband mobile data network designed to provide cutting-edge public safety data applications—including full-motion video in a mobile environment, high-resolution imagery, field access to homeland security databases, and information systems for emergency responders—to over 250 users in more than 20 local and federal agencies.

Employed for major events such as the presidential inauguration, the District of Columbia’s July 4th celebrations and IMF/World Bank meetings, WARN facilitates the collaboration of local and federal agencies by enabling them to share real-time video streams and critical situational data. WARN, the first 700 MHz public safety broadband deployment, became the model for the application of commercial wide-area technology application to public safety and became the impetus for the nationwide broadband public safety network.


Televate conceived and managed a comprehensive program to provide dedicated, public safety grade, broadband wireless data services for District of Columbia personnel including needs assessment, spectrum acquisition, RFP development, procurement management, vendor management, network operations, and subscriber/user management.


Televate successfully engineered the 12-site network employing Flarion’s (now Qualcomm) OFDM technology, the same modulation used by LTE. Televate personnel managed and engineered all aspects of the network backhaul, RF engineering, and most crucially, the integration of the public safety applications. Televate wrote the RFP for the network infrastructure, managed the procurement process, equipment deployment, and vendor activities. Televate then oversaw the operations of the network for the next two years. The program became one of NTIA’s model for public safety spectrum sharing (see http://www.ntia.doc.gov/warn for more information).


Televate provided comprehensive services guiding the design and launch of the WARN network including:

  • Assessing user needs and operational requirements.
  • Deploying broadband applications including real-time streaming video.
  • Managing the selection of an innovative broadband wireless technology.
  • Evaluating existing equipment capabilities and applications.
  • Supplying comprehensive user management, including prioritization, user satisfaction measurement, network policy development, device testing, application testing, and user group collaboration.
  • Identifying and integrating new applications best suited for user requirements.
  • Creating and managing a customer service bureau to support WARN end users, and integrating the bureau into the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) ServUs Help Desk function.
  • Developing interfaces with various local and federal agency data networks for collaboration purposes.


“The Televate team has clearly demonstrated two critical factors for public safety as anchors of their business – innovation and meeting the client’s true business needs. Televate had the vision to approach the FCC and Congress with the concept of a public safety broadband wireless network and leveraged its innovation to successfully deploy the nation’s first public safety wireless broadband network (WARN) in the Washington DC area – a system used functionally by my agency on a daily basis.

The WARN system was reviewed and lauded by NTIA as a national model and without a doubt, was a major driving force behind the development of the national public safety broadband wireless network concept. WARN provided actual day-to-day functionality for mission critical data sharing among multiple agencies across disciplines and multiple levels of government, including real-time video streaming from ground-based and airborne assets. Televate also helped develop the first formal organization, the Spectrum Coalition, to socialize the need for public safety wireless broadband among practitioners, federal bureaucrats and policymakers in Congress alike.

WARN’s success was founded in Televate’s emphasis on listening to the end user and delivering results focused on the client’s business requirements. Televate truly demonstrated a commitment to delivering results that met mission requirements in a meaningful way. This was, and continues to be, only possible through active listening and a continuing, genuine dialog between the Televate team and its customers.”

-- Captain David J. Mulholland, Commander, Technology Services, United States Park Police

“Televate’s support allowed the District to implement their broadband wireless networks on an extremely aggressive schedule and budget due to Televate’s innovative management of the IP wireless and backhaul technology, FCC spectrum licensing, vendor procurement, system cost modeling and funding, and broadband application integration.”

-- Robert LeGrande, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia