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Sacramento County Broadband Study


Sacramento County, California, currently operates the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS), a county-wide digital-capable voice radio system that supports over 12,000 radios throughout the 1,000 square miles of Sacramento County and neighboring areas. The county has successfully implemented a true interoperable voice radio system among its user base, but this interoperability does not currently extend to data capabilities.

With the vision to expand county-wide mission critical voice interoperability to include mobile data, Sacramento County contracted Televate to conduct a strategic study assessing the deployment of a regional public safety wireless broadband system and supporting IP core network. Issued in mid-2009, this comprehensive broadband program was the first of its kind and included a detailed requirements review and analysis, comprehensive technology survey, LTE network design, and business model analysis to support the optimal implementation roadmap.


Televate supported the county’s efforts to identify broadband data technology solutions for the region including jurisdictional and incident area networking solutions. The broad program scope included an assessment of applications and user needs; survey and assessment of technologies and spectral resources; an architecture and design development for the wireless and transport network; design of interoperable core connectivity with neighboring jurisdictions; a comprehensive integration of the mobile data into the IT enterprise; and to ensure that the network surpasses county end-user operational requirements.


  • Project Planning, Management and Administration
  • Requirements Review and Analysis
  • Infrastructure Asset Inventory and Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • System Design
  • Implementation of Costs Evaluation
  • Business Case Analysis and Recommendations


Televate assessed the county’s wireless broadband application requirements, documented and analyzed their existing infrastructure assets (including microwave and fiber backhaul), and designed a budgetary LTE network to provide the region with a wireless broadband data network to mirror the coverage and interoperability of the current SRRCS LMR system. Televate assessed various business operational models and performed the corresponding business case analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) evaluations to develop recommendations for the SRRCS based on the overall project findings. Ultimately, Televate provided Sacramento County a comprehensive broadband wireless implementation strategy and roadmap to guide future activities and considerations.


“Televate’s thorough technical expertise allowed the SRRCS to understand the technology architecture and capabilities and anticipate the implementation impact on the current infrastructure. Televate’s business models’ evaluation was instrumental for the SRRCS to identify the critical elements driving the SRRCS broadband solution business case success. Televate’s work has resulted in the Sacramento Region to efficiently prepare for the deployment of an interoperable solution meeting first responder’s needs.”

-- Larry Hamilton, Telecommunications System Manager, Sacramento County, California