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Minnesota Public Safety Wireless Data Network Requirement Project


The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) contracted Televate in 2010 to implement a comprehensive wireless broadband data program. The project includes a broadband data assessment and requirements development, implementation planning, program funding analysis, and network procurement and implementation support. Televate completed Phase One of the project which delivered an infrastructure assessment, technical and operational requirements, and the development of a technical approach that addresses the state’s public safety wireless data requirements.  


Televate’s approach facilitated a detailed needs assessment with hundreds of stakeholders throughout the state. Our consultants explored current and future public safety network coverage, data throughput and application requirements from potential statewide users in urban, suburban and rural communities – and we included state, regional and local perspectives. Televate also developed detailed wireless mobile data network requirements that addressed day-to-day and emergency incident needs. Our feasibility analysis of commercial services assessed whether commercial carrier solutions would meet the state’s needs. Leveraging this data, Televate then prepared an implementation model for a statewide system to account for a variety of network implementation and operational business models. Furthermore, we produced a funding and grants requirements document that outlined a path for the financial viability of a public safety statewide broadband solution. Final reports are available on the State of Minnesota website here.


Work by Televate on this project included: Overall project management User and operational needs assessment analysis of potential assets to be integrated in statewide broadband network Creation of day-to-day public safety user demand models Development of incident broadband data usage scenario and resulting required throughput Statewide LTE design with loaded throughput analysis, as well as high-speed and low-speed coverage assessments For backhaul, microwave and fiber optic network design with point-to-point link analysis, dimensioning and load analysis Evolved packet core (EPC) network design Cost-benefit analysis for various business models Commercial carrier interviews and service assessment Development of detailed network requirements document Grants funding and network implementation and operations financial analysis


Televate employed sophisticated methods for translating end-user needs into technical and performance requirements, and was able to portray multiple options for a statewide broadband solution that fulfilled stakeholder requirements while educating the state on rollout strategies. Televate utilized state-of-the-art planning tools to emulate all pertinent aspects of an LTE network. The comprehensive network plan ranged in detail from eNodeB site configuration specifications to the dimensioning of backhaul for both wired and wireless links. Importantly, during this program, the State of Minnesota created a viable template for statewide planning for the First Responder Broadband Authority (FirstNet). With Televate’s assistance, the state completed the necessary surveying work, analysis and pre-planning, and is now well positioned to accelerate the state’s participation with FirstNet. The state is prepared to be a leading stakeholder and serve as a model for other states to emulate towards the implementation of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN). Minnesota will meet the new public safety broadband provisions that require states to make significant evaluations and choices that will have serious long-term financial, operational and technical implications for their citizens. Televate is proud of its contributions in assisting the State of Minnesota to establish a comprehensive level of ongoing preparedness, planning and evaluation. Televate continues to work with the state on the remaining phases of the overall program.


“Televate has been an outstanding firm to work with. Having an extensive background in mission critical communications and cellular technologies, Televate’s team brings a much-needed fresh perspective to public safety wireless communications. Televate’s support has been invaluable in Minnesota’s public safety wireless broadband network planning, and if given the chance to start our project over again, I would feel absolutely confident in choosing Televate as our program partner.”

-- Brandon Abley, Technical Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Communication Networks