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Information Technology Engineering

The role of Information Technology (IT) in public safety is essential for the delivery of mission critical data, systems, and applications and other enterprise solutions that enhance situational awareness and paves the highway for information access and sharing. Public safety IT is very similar to, yet very unique from, the general IT services and capabilities provided by government information technology departments.

Public safety certainly requires basic email, internet access, office applications, help desk, data drive management and other standard IT services. However, public safety reliance on specialized applications such as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Next Generation 9-1-1, Crisis Information Management Systems (CIMS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and additional intelligence and information management systems requires unique IT and support services.

In many jurisdictions, IT also encompasses landline and commercial wireless communications, and includes the land mobile radio network (LMR). The advent of Internet Protocol (IP) based Project 25 (P25) LMR and the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 700 MHz wireless broadband bridges radio experts and IT technologists to extend the reach of interoperable communications. The LTE broadband network extends desktop PC capabilities to the mobile environment and further integrates radio frequency (RF) communications and IT. The IP pipe delivers exciting opportunities for public safety to integrate data into the primary voice based command and control aspects of public safety communications.

Televate is at the forefront of public safety IT and radio/wireless communications. We have worked extensively across public safety communication and IT to deliver faster, sustainable solutions that support information sharing across agencies, jurisdictions and disparate systems.

Televate provides the following type of IT services and support:

  • Define and develop IT requirements for various public safety applications and operation
  • Develop requirements and standards to securely integrate P25 and LTE public safety wireless communications into the IT enterprise
  • Serve as the primary solutions coordinator and integrator between public safety and IT agencies
  • Design comprehensive information sharing architectures based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to support web based public and private data access
  • Integrate CCTV media into the IT enterprise to support data management and storage
  • Develop data, security and support service policies and standards to support multi-agency and multi-jurisdiction information sharing and exchange
  • Support IT staff augmentation with experienced personnel for short or long term projects

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