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Network Engineering

our servicces network engineeringTelevate’s network engineering services provide you direct access to an extensive range of recognized industry technology leaders and resources. Our engineers deliver rapid issue resolution and complete solutions-level design, implementation, optimization, and technical auditing support over a variety of the “networked” systems.

Accelerate your network goals using a proven standards based approach, proven best practices, and Televate’s networking expertise. Through consultative planning, solution development, and driven deployment services, we help you:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Accelerate new service time-to-market
  • Integrate new technologies into your core infrastructure
  • Increase efficiency and investment value
  • Continually enhance network performance, availability, and security

Our Services

Televate designs high-performance, reliable, scalable, secure networks through an exceptional set of specialists, processes, tools, and technologies. Our engineers are well versed in the latest wired and wireless networking technologies and work to minimize both cost and service disruptions.

Televate’s network services include the design and implementation of:

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks
  • Fixed and Mobile Broadband Networks (LTE, WiFi, Microwave, Fiber Optic, Multiprotocol Label Switching [MPLS] )
  • Enterprise Communications Networks
  • Network backhaul for city and county-wide public safety wireless broadband data communications systems.
  • Secure WiFi networks for public safety, state & municipal governments, regional transportation agencies, and other Critical Infrastructure Industries.
  • City-wide network infrastructures including network support for distributed CCTV systems
  • Inter-governmental information aggregation and exchange networks enabling multi-jurisdiction data interoperability

Contact us to explore how Televate’s network engineering services can meet your public safety needs!