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Network Operational Services

Televate delivers value-added, cost-effective solutions for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of public safety communications networks, including land mobile radio (LMR), broadband wireless and microwave. Our O&M strategies help our customers achieve optimal performance metrics supported by an efficient and effective organizational structure.

Our engineers design and implement high-performance network O&M strategies suited for a variety of organizational structures, from exclusive in-house technical staff to a combined approach of government personnel and third party vendors.

Public Safety O&M Strategies

Televate’s network operational services include:

  • Performing thorough assessments of O&M requirements and practices to identify strengths, gaps and propose enhancements to public safety communications networks.
  • Developing optimal, cost-effective O&M strategies, from design to delivery.  
  • Defining Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements to guide both service procurement and document network users and customers.
  • Drafting comprehensive scopes of work and support final negotiations to procure required O&M service providers including base station and portable/mobile radio equipment, transmission equipment (antennas, transmission line, tower top amplifiers), combining and backhaul circuits, power, electrical, heating and cooling)
  • Determining technical staff capabilities and designing a training program to ensure required skills are obtained and maintained.
  • Providing highly qualified technical staff and managers to support various O&M activities.

Land Mobile Services

Televate is experienced in all facets of mission-critical Land Mobile Services (LMR), including equipment, network operations and maintenance.

Our specialized LMR network services include:

  • Conducting radio frequency (RF) interference analysis and mitigation.
  • Interoperable conventional channel and trunked simulcast talkgroup designs.
  • Providing radio and fleetmap programming and software upgrades.
  • Performing end-to-end transmission sweeps to determine performance and identify system faults.
  • Designing and implementing alert and alarm operations monitoring systems.
  • Comprehensive system troubleshooting, including field measurements.

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