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Start Your Wireless Broadband Program on the Right Track

LTE. WiFi. WiMax. UMTS. HPD. To the untrained eye, these acronyms may look more like a ladle full of alphabet soup than powerful broadband technologies that can fuel mission critical communications. But, Televate’s team of engineers have long recognized and harnessed the power and potential of these technologies—bringing public safety and critical infrastructure crews the tools and information they need, when they need it, whether downloading video from the scene of a fire or water main break, providing connectivity for smart-grid, sharing real-time GPS location data, or accessing national and state criminal records from a police cruiser.

Overcoming Broadband Challenges

Radio spectrum is the lifeblood of any wireless communication system, and spectrum sufficient to provide broadband communications is hard to come by. But with the help of experienced consultants, there is an array of high-speed wireless solutions available for deployment.

That’s why understanding your options and formulating a clear, comprehensive strategy is crucial to delivering a broadband network that meets your end user and operational requirements. Establishing an interoperable voice and data environment can present many challenges: operational disparities; varied user requirements and existing infrastructure; changing technology and governance; as well as diminishing funding resources.

Televate can help you better understand your wireless solution options and how they affect you and the needs of your organization by determining:

  • The broadband implementation model options available to support your unique operational requirements
  • The applications your agency will use and how they advance communication and government efficiency
  • The technology and spectrum options available to meet your needs
  • The cost to deploy and operate the right solution and the procurement options

Broadband Implementation Strategy

Televate’s Broadband Implementation Strategy delivers a tailored business and technical action plan designed to arm your organization with actionable information to implement your broadband strategy, providing your organization with a practical solution that meets its operational requirements and budget.

Interested in implementing a broadband implementation strategy for your organization? Contact us today to get started!